KI Feeling the power

Last night was our second and final night with Sato Sensei. Here in Texas we are prone to some pretty bad thunderstorms. As we practiced last night, a pretty severe storm rolled through. No one noticed. About thirty people of all different levels of Kendo were engaged in "Keiko" or practice. Standing in a cricle swinging our shinai and letting the Ki flow. This energy filled the room as the feeling of one voice counting as we did drills...
Ichi...Ni...San...Shi.... as we did our last warm up excercize, a drill called Hia Suburi, the enrgy levle in the room felt like the walls were about to explode. I can honestly say it was a spiritual experience. Many thanks to Sato Sensei and his wife for coming to the US to share this gift with us. I am not yet in full armor, but as a begining student was still able to gleem some knowledge off this man.
Domo Arigato Gozaimashita...Sato Sensei.

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Anonymous said...

Long way in front of us. Very long way. Keep on practicing and posting. Hachi dan once were beginners, like you and me. And now, or well, you filled. There is something in the air when they join a dojo.

Good luck